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Now in our 14th year of running after school golf classes. Our award winning curriculum will give your junior golfer instruction on the full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting strokes. Loads of fun and a great way to introduce the game or advance your junior golfers present skills.  Boys and girls, K-5, all instruction done on the school athletic field. FREE EQUIPMENT PROVIDED. Sign up early many school classes sell out.

 True Mini Golf

The object of golf is very simple, get the ball in the hole in as fewest strokes as possible.  When you are a junior golfer you are not ready to play regulation yardages so you have to “scale or shorten” the holes played.

Step 1: New juniors should start with playing 9 holes on the practice putting green where they are required to putt out their ball from distances ranging from 4 to 40 feet. You should keep score so they can see how they did.  After using the putting practice games and working on controlling their golf ball the course should be played again to note improvement.  All holes are Par 2.

Step 2: Juniors should now play 9 holes from off the practice green from 10-15 yards working on chipping the ball onto the green and then holing out the putt.  You should keep score so they can see how they did.  After using the chipping practice games the course should be played again to note improvement. All holes are Par 3

Step 3: Juniors should now advance further from the practice green from yardages ranging from 25-40 yards working with pitching or possible full swing strokes (depending upon age/skill) and advancing their ball into the hole. You should keep score so they can see how they did.  After using the pitching/full swing practice games the course should be played again to note improvement. All holes are Par 3

Step 4:  Juniors should now move to the driving range and start working on their full swing skills with all clubs in the bag including the driver. This practice will be done in conjunction with the Steps 1, 2, 3.

FREE GOLF- Most every course will let you utilize the practice green and surrounding area for free.  Now your junior is improving, preparing themselves for the course, and most importantly having fun.

Print scorecards, keep score and they now learn about the importance of hitting a green in regulation, eliminating 3 putting and the necessity to put shots together.


Connect with Junior Golfers
No offense mom & dad but playing golf with kids my own age is more FUN.  Register for free and CONNECT with other junior golfers in the area.  Set up times to play and practice.
Getting Started

Getting a junior golfer started correctly is very important.  Poor instruction and no plan often leads to the junior quitting the game.

Instruction:  We use a “Pyramid Approach” where foundational knowledge about the game and foundational skills are taught first.  After the foundation is learned we layer learning and skills on top continuing to reach for the top. 

We offer learning programs at schools as an After School Program or as a Home Study Program.  Easy to follow, packed with instruction and fun productive practice programs juniors not only have fun learning but improve their skills and interest in the sport.

Practice:  Since most practice sessions will be run by the player or parents we have put together daily and weekly practice programs.  Easy to follow results are a result of correct and consistent repetitions working on the skills necessary to play good golf.

Play:  One of the biggest reasons kids quit playing the sport is not enough time playing.  Playing holes and posting scores is mandatory to maintain interest and excitement. Our “true mini golf” program makes playing holes easy and affordable for all kids.

Perfect Practice

“Tell me I will forget

Teach me and I will remember

Involve me and I Learn”

This quote by Ben Franklin is so true when it comes to kids learning how to play golf.  The need to have your junior golfer getting consistent repetitions, playing mini holes and becoming involved with learning how to play the game is mandatory.

The concept of Perfect Practice came to my mind many years ago and simply put means that all of my practice time is designed to get the most benefit for developing my game.  I see junior golfers at the range every day going through the motions, but never solving any problems with their game.

Our “Pyramid Approach” will show you what skills to work on first and how to continue to layers skills on top resulting in better swings, better thinking and better scores. Golfers are individuals with different swing problems and different game problems so our program customizes to each player’s needs. 

Not a one size fits all program each player works on fixing their own weaknesses.  With a variety of customizable daily and weekly practice programs, practice time is always fresh and different so the mundane nature of practice is eliminated and juniors are excited to work on improving every trip to the golf course.

NEED A COACH?  Some players use our learning tools on their won and others prefer assistance from our staff.  Personalized video swing analysis is available through video exchange.  No matter where you live you simply video the swings we request and upload them to us and within 48 hours we provide you a complete lesson. More and more PGA and LPGA players are communicating with their instructors when on Tour.  Having a coach eliminates much of the frustration with learning to play golf and makes the learning process move much more rapidly.


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