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 Right Start Junior Golf 

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After School Programs are a great way to get your son or daughter started with golf.  All equipment provided for free and classes conveniently held on the school athletic field. 


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Now in our 15th year we are the oldest and largest single after school golf instruction provider.
Additional golf class information about golf classes is below.

Classes that are sold out:
Windermere         send email to us for waiting list placement
Audubon Park-      send email to us for waiting list placement
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Information about After School Classes
Our After School Program is considered an Early Development Program. These classes are appropriate for both boys and girls in K-5. 

These classes are appropriate for skill levels from brand new up to advanced beginner. 
We cover the following topics: Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Full Swing strokes.

Instruction focuses on developing functional movement patterns for all 4 strokes, and learning how to properly practice on their own or with a parent (not coach supervised). These classes are very structured, fast paced and FUN.

We have 4 main safety rules during class and all of our staff is FBI fingerprint screened.

If you have additional questions feel free to email or call 407 925-2855

Steps to Help Your Junior Golfer Develop

There is no doubt that every parent wants their child to have success with their sporting activities so we provide this information about how to help your son or daughter develop into a skilled golfer.

Development require Instruction Practice and On-Course Play.

Instruction should begin in the form of group clinics where the basic fundamentals are taught, practiced and developed.  Once these skills are in place instruction should move to private instruction where the professional can customize the instruction and practice program to each individual. We offer both at-course instruction as well as Connected Coaching program which allows you to get world class private instruction from us no matter where you live.

Practice should be regular and the practice time should be focused on developing the applicable skills. We provide you with a lot of practice information so you as parent can run great FUN practice sessions for your junior golfer, even if you do not have a strong golf background. We have tools such as a Home Practice kit you can purchase so your practice sessions can be more affordable and much easier. We also offer single club or set purchases more affordably than anywhere else if you do not yet have equipment.

On-Course Play is mandatory for development because playing golf is more enjoyable than practicing golf and the student has to be able to measure their progress by posting scores. If your junior golfer continues with the sport they will advance to levels where they want and should play in competitive events. Opportunities include entry level competition offered through PGA Junior League Teams and onto individual competitions as a junior golfer then high school.  Many of our students play in these events now and others have achieved college scholarships and some are playing professionally.

I strongly encourage you to follow the practice program, provide equipment and play opportunities so your junior golfer can fully develop.