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Terms and conditions:

Refund Policy:
  1.  Refunds are provided for injury, illness or out of district move.  Refund will be pro rated from the time you request based on one of these circumstances.


  1. Pricing for all programs is clearly listed on the flyer that pertains to your school or camp.  The price will not change during the program you are signed up for.  Prices are subject to change each semester and please refer to your flyer for exact pricing details.

General Release:

The undersigned participant and/or his/her guardian, in consideration for Junior Golf Success, Inc., Right Start Golf, Jeff Jones, for providing facilities, instruction, and supervision in the activity listed above does hereby:

  1. Assume all risk of possible damage or injury involved through participation in the above noted activity.
  2. Request permission to participate in the activity with full knowledge that said activity could result in damage or injury to me.
  3. Agree to indemnify and hold harmless Junior Golf Success, Right Start Golf, Jeff Jones PGA, and or its departments, employees, sub-contractors or agents from liability resulting from any participation in said activity.
  4. Agree to have above listed child picked up no later than 5 minutes after the completion of the registered class.  Students not picked up on time will be turned into the extended day program the applicable fees will be charged by the extended day program.
  5. I give permission my child to appear in any or all marketing materials produced by Junior Golf Success, Right Start Golf and or Jeff Jones, PGA.

I acknowledge that by typing in my initials I have read and that I fully understand each and every one of these provisions in this release of liability and indemnification agreement and agree to abide by them.